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There's a new edition of Killer Bunnies called the Conquest of the Magic Carrot. I haven't bought it, but from what I gather, it's just like the Quest, but with a metal market added in, and the cards are, I guess, functionally the same but named with different pop-culture references. But the best part of this is that bunny blanks are back in print.
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Duck or Bunny

I thought of a great idea for a Killer Bunnies card. You've probably heard Buddy Hackett's joke about a hunter who shoots a duck and then has to climb over a fence to get it. Well, on the other side of the fence is a farm and the farmer claims ownership of the duck because it's on his property. To settle things the farmer proposes a contest: they will take turns kicking each other in the crotch, until one of them can't remain standing. The hunter agrees, so the farmer kicks him. The hunter has tears streaming down his cheeks and his face turns purple, but he stays on his feet. The hunter then declares, "Okay, it's my turn." The farmer says, "Aw, you can keep the duck."

The card is called "You Can Keep the Duck" and it's a Play Immediately. Starting with the person that drew the card, players take turns rolling a d12, and must get at least a 6. If a player rolls lower than 6, one of his bunnies dies (which is like getting kicked in the crotch). However, he gets to keep the duck (i.e. the card) as if it were a bunny. And the reason it can count as a bunny is that it's one of those trick pictures that looks like a duck at one angle and like a bunny at another.

The real Gemsbok
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(House) Rules

Does anyone want to discuss rule technicalities? I sent a 2,500-word list of questions to the makers of the game and JB himself pretty much refused to answer them. I've ended up making a 1,600-word booklet of my own answers to those questions (also including some house rules), and that only pertains to the decks I have (up through Twilight White), though I still haven't gotten to play past Red with my friends.

why so quiet?

Killer Bunnies is an awesome game; why so quiet here? I play at least once a month with a good friend. We are only up to the Red Booster pack. It's a little crazy because we are still finding Blue and Yellow cards that we don't remember. Our games take forever; does anybody else find that? It seems like it should be quicker, but we're talking like 2.5 hours a game. Not that I'm complaining! ;)

Just a quick note...

The Killer Bunnies website is referenced up there, where the friends links and the suchlike are.

The Killer Bunnies fansite, which contains a large number of card ideas somewhere, is .

And Playroom Entertainment has a website at .

Browse at your leisure.

Hello there!

We'll see how long this community survives. I randomly thought to peek at the Killer Bunnies website today and noticed the addition of Bunny Blanks which are blank cards so you can create your own Killer Bunny cards. I thought that a community of Killer Bunny fans might be a nice place to share card ideas as well as advice on drawing and printing new cards.

So welcome!