Annie (ocannie) wrote in bunny_fans,

Thanks to many_from_one for pointing out the Playroom Entertainment site as well as I've added those links to the page and if there are any other Bunny links you'd like to see posted, let me know.

  • Conquest

    There's a new edition of Killer Bunnies called the Conquest of the Magic Carrot. I haven't bought it, but from what I gather, it's just like the…

  • Duck or Bunny

    I thought of a great idea for a Killer Bunnies card. You've probably heard Buddy Hackett's joke about a hunter who shoots a duck and then has to…

  • (House) Rules

    Does anyone want to discuss rule technicalities? I sent a 2,500-word list of questions to the makers of the game and JB himself pretty much refused…

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